Heritage doesn’t record the existence of only one Canadian who has not wished his nation had a little tropical range.


As chilliness North of Niagara would’ve it, Ottawa has had an ongoing freeze-on, freeze-off connection Together with the somewhat fashionable Province of Quebec, that charming faux-French survival from the Sunshine Kings happy misjudgments about the value of the new world.

Now, Canadian legislators have given voice for the sunny idea, Lets see if we will swap the unbiased-minded province chatib chat for Florida.


The supply comes at a very opportune time, because of the unusually intense hurricanes which have been deciding upon the Sunshine Point out as a favorite place.

The Bush administration has agreed to think about the proposal but admits that there are specific troubles. For example, the President will have to make clear to his brother and closet presidential wannabe, Jeb, that hes now a Canadian and will no more run for President.


To make the reduction of their palm-treed haven additional palatable to Individuals, the Canadians have volunteered to show Every person in Florida how to speak French. After, they rationale, Florida is enlivened While using the sounds of bon jour and merci beaucoup, the swap will appear to be as uneventful as just swapping a single champagne and brie festooned area for an additional.

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